Apprenticeship Community

Our Code of Conduct

The best way to encourage learning and professional growth is to ensure it’s safe to make mistakes. The Apprenticeship Community is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone. To that end:

We Are Inclusive

Do not engage in homophobic, racist, transphobic, ableist, sexist, ageist, or otherwise exclusionary behavior. Do not make exclusionary jokes, not even ironically.

Get Permission

Unwanted physical contact, sexual attention, or repeated unwelcome communication is harassment. Consent is explicitly given. Dressing or acting in a certain way is not consent.

Practice Humility And Uncertainty

Aggression and elitism are unwelcome. Avoid feigning surprise if someone doesn’t know something or assuming someone doesn’t understand something, unless they ask for help. Instead, celebrate the opportunity to be with someone as they see the world more clearly.

Respect Others' Choices

Do not pressure people into doing or trying things they are not comfortable with. Do not mock or denigrate others’ choices in entertainment, tools, style, drink selection, lifestyle choices, etc.

Avoid Assumptions

Members have a right to keep personal information private. If you are uncertain of someone’s gender, race, religion, political leanings, sexual orientation, or other personal details; only ask if it’s relevant to the conversation.

Inclusivity Is Good

Discussions about how to make our community or the world at large more inclusive are welcome. Do not derail conversations with concern trolling or tone arguments.

This Is A Private Space

Ask permission before taking screenshots, forwarding communications, or sharing identifiable information with people outside of our community. This helps ensure a safe place for all members.

Be Empathetic

We are all learning to be more compassionate, empathetic beings. When someone brings your attention to problematic behavior, thank them, and apologize. Ask permission to ask for clarification or suggestions for how to do better in the future. Do not debate or argue; even if you disagree.

Red Cards, Grounds for Immediate Removal from Community

  • Threats of violence against another community member
  • Hate speech
  • Any other actions that are deemed by staff to have caused significant harm or distress to other community members.

How to Report Violations

If you see or hear of someone violating the community rules, contact one of the Apprenticeship.Community staff members as soon as you can. You may do this either by emailing [email protected] or by sending a direct message to either Zee or Kiera.

Handling Staff Misconduct

Apprenticeship.Community staff and community leaders are not abrove reproach. Please report any staff violations of the community rules to a different staff member.


We gather only what information is necessary from you. For example, date and time of the violation, screenshots, etc., and decide on appropriate action. We keep reporters’ identities confidential and never share them with the person violating our community rules.

We recognize that everyone makes mistakes. We are forgiving, but not lenient. Repeated violations of these rules will result in any actions staff deem appropriate, including warning the offender and permanent expulsion from the community.